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Modern British Painters

Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt was born in East Peckham in 1957. During his early years he developed an interest in music and enjoyed reading poetry and learning about British art, especially the St.Ives and Bloomsbury group.
He is self-taught, and the inspiration from his unique working style comes in part from his interest in British painters such as Alfried Wallis and Christoper Wood. Other elements include his faith, which he has interpreted in paintings in recent years. Finally, his late father, often appeared during his lifetime as Burt, with a dog by his side. They could be found going about their travels around seaside resorts or countryside walks. Each paintings captures daily life and encompasses an element of nostalgia. The painting makes people smile as they view them and read the poem usually attached to each work. You sense a degree of wit and humour, which endears the viewer to the artwork.
Gary is one of the most exciting and successful British artists working today. From his early years with Nicholas Bowlby Gallery, he was then taken on by The Portland, in London. He had one man exhibition with The Portland from 2008 to 2022, and they would regularly sell out on the first or second day of opening. He presently runs his own exhibitions programme and continues to enjoy the same degree of success with more and more interest in his work from clients all over the world.

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