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Modern British Painters

Sian Thomas

Siân Thomas grew up in south Wales close to land farmed and mined by generations of her family; Siân had an early love for drawing and is self-taught in the use of watercolour. Siân has been painting professionally since 2021. Today her home and studio in rural Worcestershire afford Sian the peaceful lifestyle that prompts the evocation of her most cherished early memories. to

In her work she explores the passage of time and a longing for the past through signs of wear in everyday objects. Use of high-quality watercolour materials enables her paintings to pause time and by careful scrutiny of surface texture, Sian expresses the ‘hiraeth’ embedded within. The ticking of the grandfather clock, the smell of the tool shed, the colour and pattern of mother’s tapestry, the smooth polished grain of grandmother’s darning mushroom, the detail of the carved stoat’s head on grandfather’s hazel walking stick remain significant memories that inform and imbue her work.

Siân has received several awards; The Dry Red Press Award at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour 2023, the Judges Choice at the International Women in Watercolour exhibition 2023, Local Artist Award at Broadway Arts Festival 2023 and was a Top 200 award winner at International Watercolour Masters 2024. Her work is held in private collections throughout the UK and overseas.

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