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Modern British Painters

Janine Shute

Janine Shute was born in 1966. From an early age she was drawn to drawing and painting. After completing a foundation course in Art at Rochdale School of Art in 1985 and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design in 1988, she spent her initial working life in the advertising and graphic design world in London.
After a move out of London to an idyllic farm in Sussex approximately fifteen years ago, her awareness of the everyday objects lead her to focus on the beauty of the shape, form and shadow of the kitchen utensils she was using in her daily life.
Working in pastel with a limited palette, Janine uses hard and soft pastel and her fingers to build texture and shadow in each piece. There is no discernible background or horizon, itÂ’s about the viewer focusing on the form and taking way the knowledge that the spoon, knife or colander is a working item. Her work is inspired by artists such as Matisse with his figurative sketches and the shadow and realism found in the paintings by Caravaggio.
Her works has won awards at the Mall Galleries in London and makes up part of many private collections.

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