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Modern British Painters

Brian Ryder, ROI, FIEA

Brian Ryder turned to painting from a career of over thirty years in Architecture. Having had a passion for drawing and painting from his early years, he turned professional in 1994. Initially, a plein air painter working on site capturing the majesty and beauty of the subject before him. His work focused on the conditions of the day and capturing atmosphere. This can be seen in his portfolio of art encompassing landscapes with large skies, Venetian scenes, and church interiors.
In more recent years Brian has moved to painting from his studio using his great knowledge of past and recent visits to places, and sketches or pencil washes along with photos taken while on location. He states, “Painting in the studio I feel I am not constrained by the scene in front of me.”
He goes on, “I normally paint with shapes carefully placed within the chosen subject… even the skies. My only aim, in whatever style of work I choose at the time to depict my subject, I always try to catch the changing atmosphere. I feel I have succeeded when the viewer makes the final painting… not me. I am just the guide.” Sitting just above Brian’s easel are four quotes from Degas, one reads “Art is not what we see but what you can make others see.” This quotation encapsulates his commitment to sharing his passion for art with others.
Brian is a Council Member of the ROI and the founder and Past President of The Institute of East Anglian Artists. He has exhibited with may well-known London and provincial galleries and his works make up part of many collections worldwide.

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