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Modern British Painters

Martyn Mackrill

Martyn was born on the Isle of Wight in 1962. With a family tradition of sea faring going back two generations and a passion for drawing from an early age, it is hardly surprising he should choose a career as a marine painter. He studied art at Portsmouth College of Art and model making at Sunderland Polytechnic, turning professional after having sold a number of works at the age of 21.

Painting in oil and watercolour, his inspiration can be seen in the works of marine artists such as William Wylie and Charles Dixon. Martyn’s attention to detail is based on careful research that is never academically laboured, but complemented by his personal experience of sailing “Nightfall” his 31foot gaff-cutter. It is from this foundation that he is able to convey the power and majesty of sailing in breathtaking realism. It is clear for all to see that for Martyn Mackrill this is not just a way of making a life, but a passion that drives his every waking thought.

Martyn’s development has earned him the recognition as one of the most gifted marine painter working today, his works are included in many private collection and he is the Honorary Marine Painter to the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

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